An automatic explosion sound generator by Stephen M. Cameron

This program is an attempt to automatically generate explosion sound effects for use in video games, etc.

Here's a short demo as of 2011-10-25:

Here's a short demo as of 2011-10-05:

This program mostly just automates in code something similar to the process which I came up with and documented in this video:

Here is the information you need to get it from github: Explodomatica github page.

This program has dependencies on the following libraries:

Explodomatica is released under the GPL v. 2 (or at your option any later version).

Here is the man page:

EXPLODOMATICA(1)		 User Commands		      EXPLODOMATICA(1)

       explodomatica - generate explosion sound effects

       explodomatica [OPTION]... [FILE]

       An  explosion  sound effect is generated, and saved as mono 44100Hz PCM
       data in the specified wav file.

       -d, --duration
	      Specifies the approximate  duration  in  seconds	the  explosion
	      should last.  Fractional seconds are permitted.

       -l, --nlayers
	      Specifies  the  number  of  sound layers which should be used to
	      create each sub-explosion within the explosion.

       -p, --preexplosions
	      Specifies the number of "preexplosions" to  generate.   You  can
	      think of the "preexplosions" as the "ka" part of "ka-BOOM!"

	      Specifies  the  approximate duration in seconds of the "ka" part
	      of "ka-BOOM!".  Default is 0.25 seconds.	The value is  somewhat
	      randomized  and this value is more like an upper bound with zero
	      being the lower bound.

	      Specifies the factor to use with the low pass filter on the pre-
	      explosion.   Values  closer  to  zero do more (suppress the pre-
	      explosion more) while values closer to 1 do less.

	      Specifies how many times to apply the low  pass  filter  to  the
	      pre-explosion.  Default is 1.

       -s, --speedfactor
	      Specifies the factor by which to speed up or slow down the final
	      explosion sound.	Values greater than 1.0 speed  the  sound  up,
	      values less than 1.0 slow the sound down.  The default is 0.45.

       explodomatica --duration 2 --preexplosions 0 --nlayers 3 test.wav


       Written by Stephen M. Cameron

       Copyright  2011 Stephen M. Cameron.
       License GPLv2+: GNU GPL version 2 or later
       This  is  free  software:  you  are free to change and redistribute it.
       There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

Explodomatica			September 2011		      EXPLODOMATICA(1)