Opencscad is a very tiny little library that helps you produce OpenSCAD programs by writing in C. In this way, you get real variables and recursion, which aren't available in plain OpenSCAD. Note: Openscad does have recursion, and has had recursion for a long time now, though it didn't back when I wrote this thing a long time ago. Openscad has acquired a load of other new features as well since then, so my little program is probably not really all that useful anymore.

You can get opencscad here:

Some examples of what can be done very easily with opencscad:

"Fractal tree" (tree.c, 47 lines of C code.)

"Recursive Rook" (test5.c, 60 lines of C code.)

"Fort Fractal" (test3.c, 32 lines of C code.)

Procedurally generated by a stochastic process: "Big castle" (castle.c, few hundred lines of C code.)